An Overview

Typical Stages of Speech Language Development:

How does speech typically emerge, and what should you expect to hear as your child grows?

According to speech language and hearing sciences, how children acquire languages is mostly a… mystery!

At Academini, we know that most typically, children learn language in predictable stages and at predictable ages, but within these parameters, there is a wide range of variability. Our curriculum embraces every child’s uniqueness, and helps them progress at their own comfortable pace.

A child will try out more complex sentences to convey new ideas, they will also understand increasingly complex instructions and give accurate descriptions by combining at least 4 plus words combining events of their life.

At this point in time, our program expands to provide an age appropriate technology component.

Enhanced Technologies

Once again, our staff will intervene by integrating the new interactive state of the art technology based learning into our curriculum the “Smart Board”. Our staff will engage our children in pre-witting exercises, pre-math, explore Google maps and much more.

The Pumpkin’s day consists of:

Self-Selected Play, Circle Time, Literacy & Writing Activities, Reading Opportunities, Journaling, Handwriting, Creating Art, Group Activities, Focused Math & Science Activities, Computer Time, Outdoors Play.

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