Academini in 177 words

We do not believe in offering services, at Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’ we accurately believe in establishing a structure similar in design to your private home for all our children.

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What we teach

We want our Academinis to reach their full potential and receive all necessary skills for school readiness, all while developing their quality-driven personalities.

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How we teach

While learning prepares children for later schooling, our Academethod takes the learning process beyond traditional academic teachings. At Academini 'Best Private Daycare in Montreal'

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Building the relationship

At Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’, our Academasters work hard to ensure that every Academiss & Mister is a trained responsive professional concerned with all aspects of children's development.

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Active learning

Our Academodel program at Academini Best Private Daycare in Montreal supports children's natural desire to be active learners.

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Environmental appeal

Our team of architects intelligently and thoughtfully designed every classroom. We focused on safety, flexibility and child orientation to provide an enhanced learning environment.

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About Academini


Academini Private Daycare Inc

is a licensed childcare center

Our Philosophy

We believe in the value of human diversity and the fair treatment of all

Our Mission

At Academini, our mission is to lift lives through education

Value Proposition

Choosing the right daycare for your child can be an overwhelming process


We will accomplish our mission and achieve our vision

Teaching Quality

The Academodel consist of six main comprehensive curriculum content areas

Our Academodels

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Sprout 2'S -
Harry W. Bush

Harry W. Bush

Bloom 3'S -
Amber Harvey

Amber Harvey

Pumpkin 4'S -
John Fuller

John Fuller

Sprout 2'S -

Our Curriculum

 At Academini, we know that most typically, children learn language in predictable stages and at predictable ages, but within these parameters, there is a wide range of variability. Our curriculum embraces every child’s uniqueness, and helps them progress at their own comfortable pace.

Infants 4 to 18 M

From the moment you gaze into your baby’s eyes, the language.

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Pips 1’S

At the tender age of one, infants –much like pips- are ready to begin rising.

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Sprout 2’S

Their spoken vocabulary will grow by leaps and bounds, they will begin.

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Bloom 3’S

Our Academisses will use high end technology to help your child learn

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Pumpkin 4’s

At this point, our staff will engage our children in pre-writing

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Our Academiss & mister

At Academini,  every caregiver – Academiss or mister – is a responsive professional concerned with all aspects of children’s development. By using the clearly defined practices of Academodel’s Infant-Toddler Curriculum, our caregivers develop close, supportive relationships with the children, and the families in their care.

Frequent Questions

For more detailed information, please refer to the various sections of our website. Better yet, pay us a visit: after all, this will be your child’s second home.


  • A $50 Non-Refundable (fully applicable) Waitlist Fee Due Upon Pre-Enrollment
  • A $200 Annual Administrative & Registration Fee is Payable once placement is confirmed.
  • Prior to your child’s enrollment both the parents and the child must schedule a visit and spend time in the classroom where your child will attend. This allows for a more secure transition into the program.