‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’

Academini in 177 words

No one — not even so-called futurists — can accurately predict that services “appeal to many”.

At Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’, we do not believe in offering a service, but rather in offering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and an open-door policy that encourages parents to stop by unannounced and spend time with their children.

We go beyond merely letting you in, we encourage you and invite you to become part of our center's community by helping with activities, accompanying the children on field trips, and so on.

Our home away from home, pleasant and inviting setting is by far the latest and most innovative offering of its kind and is our definition of an absolute superior service for all working parents.

We do not believe in offering services, at Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’ we accurately believe in establishing a structure similar in design to your private home for all our children.

What We Teach

We want our Academinis to reach their full potential and receive all necessary skills for school readiness, all while developing their quality-driven personalities. That is why at Academini we pride ourselves in implementing research-based and research-proven teaching approaches, content and models.

The Academodel of Academini ‘ consists of six main comprehensive curriculum content areas:

Language, Literacy, and Communication, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Health, Approaches to Learning, Cognitive Development, Creative Arts

How We Teach

While learning prepares children for later schooling, our Academethod takes the learning process beyond traditional academic teachings.

At Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’ we apply methods that promote what we call Academusts:

Problem-solving, Decision-making, Independence, Cooperation, Persistence, Creativity, Curiosity

Building the Relationship

At Academini, our Academasters work hard to ensure that every Academiss & Mister is a trained responsive professional concerned with all aspects of children's development. By using the clearly defined practices of Academodel’s Infant-Toddler Curriculum, our Academisses & Misters develop close, supportive relationships with the children, and the families in their care.

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Active Learning

Our Academodel program at Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’ supports children's natural desire to be active learners. We create an active learning environment for infants and toddlers means, consciously considering all their needs — their social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and sociolinguistic needs.

Environmental Appeal

Our team of architects intelligently and thoughtfully designed every classroom. We focused on safety, flexibility and child orientation to provide an enhanced learning environment.

This means considering infants' and toddlers' needs to:

look, listen, wiggle, roll, crawl, climb, rock, bounce, rest, eat, make noise, grasp or mouth or drop things, and be messy from time to time.

Safety & Security Measures

The safety of your children is the number one priority at Academini. Rest assured that we have taken every necessary step to make sure that your child is safe and secure while they learn, grow, and enjoy their days under our care.

A security fob is required to enter each one of our facilities. Only staff and registered families are issued fobs. All other visitors must be authorized by the administration staff and are required to present a valid government issued ID.

Fenced-in playgrounds and rounded corners in all our equipment make certain that children are protected while in our care

Additionally, each classroom in Academini ‘Best Private Daycare in Montreal’ is equipped with cameras that are closely monitored by our administrative staff to ensure every child’s safety is properly supervised.

We abide by a shoes-off policy to prevent spread of disease-causing organisms.

We help cut down on illness by requiring all children and employees to have current immunizations and regular checkup.


We found the secret recipe for maximum durability and supreme comfort; we call it our mandatory uniform. If that is not sufficiently fascinating, the fabric is also stain and snag resistant!

It is therefore a Academust that our Academinis are brought to the facility with the mandatory uniforms already on.