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Typical Stages of Speech Language Development:

How does speech typically emerge, and what should you expect to hear as your child grows?

According to speech language and hearing sciences, how children acquire languages is mostly a… mystery!

At Academini, we know that most typically, children learn language in predictable stages and at predictable ages, but within these parameters, there is a wide range of variability. Our curriculum embraces every child’s uniqueness, and helps them progress at their own comfortable pace.

At the tender age of one, infants – much like pips – are ready to begin rising. They begin to learn vocabulary and demand what they want.

Children at this age will also begin interacting and socializing to make friends. As they do so, their curiosity kicks in.

At Academini, we focus on this transitory phase between infants and toddlers by giving their days a semi-uniform schedule, which allows for character building as we

introduce focused learning activities.


Academini’s Pips day consists of:

Cuddling, Circle Time, Reading Books, Exploring Age, Appropriate Toys, Finger Plays, Singing Songs, Creating Art, Semi Self-Selected Play, Introduction to Focused Learning Activities, Sensory Experiences, Stroller Walks, Playground Time

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