Reflection on Classroom Visit

 We were so excited to have an opportunity to visit Anamaria Ralph and Kathryn Powell in the classroom today. We host visitors often and know the value of seeing authentic learning in action. We came prepared to observe, interact, and learn. 



The Environment: Child Centred, Reggio Inspired
Immediately after entering their classroom space, I felt calm and drawn into so many areas. Anamaria warned us before coming that her space is small and she had a large group, but truthfully you wouldn’t know it. The space came alive when the children entered. Their natural curiosity and excitement for learning took over the classroom. 

The entire room was focused and zoned in on the whole child – from the set up and flow of the space, to the interactions between educators and children, to the schedule and routines. This team has truly reflected about what is best for their children and takes lead from their actions.


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